Staff settings

The first thing to do after opening the Score Editor is to make initial staff settings. This is done in the Score Settings dialog, on the Staff page.

There are three ways to open the Score Settings dialog:

  • Make the staff active, open the Scores menu and select “Settings…”.

  • Double-click on the rectangle to the left of the staff.

    If this does not work, the “Double-click on staff flips between full score/part” option may be activated in the Preferences dialog (Scores–Editing page).

  • Make the staff active and click the “i” button on the extended toolbar.

    For this to work, make sure no notes or symbols are selected – otherwise, clicking the “i” button may open a dialog with settings for the selected object instead.

Click the Staff button to open the Staff page of the Score Settings dialog. The Staff page shows the current settings for the staff on four tabs.