Using "Scores Notes To MIDI"

For very complicated scores, there may be situations where you have tweaked the parameters for Display Quantize and Interpretation as best you can, and you still cannot get the score exactly as you want it. Perhaps one setting works fine in one section of the track and another is needed for another section.

In such a case, “Scores Notes To MIDI” helps you out. It changes the lengths and position of some or all the MIDI notes in the edited parts so that they have exactly the values shown on screen.


  1. For safety, go back to the Project window and make a copy of the track.
  2. Open the parts again in the Score Editor.

    If you only want some sections of your score to be “converted”, make sure to only open those parts.

  3. Make sure that the notes you want to affect are not hidden.
  4. Select “Scores Notes To MIDI” from the Functions submenu on the Scores menu.

    The notes are now “converted”.

  5. Make whatever adjustments are needed to make the score read as intended.


Now that the notes have the exact lengths and positions that were previously only displayed, you can probably deactivate many of the options on the Staff page of the Score Settings dialog and delete Display Quantize settings, etc.

If you find the operation did not give you the result you were after, you can undo your settings or go back to the original track, make a copy of that, and start over.