Project – Accidentals Page

On the Accidentals page, you can specify how the program shows accidentals in the score.

To open the Accidentals page of the Score Settings dialog, do one of the following:

  • Open the Score Editor, select Scores > Settings, select the Project tab, and in the Pages list, click Accidentals.

  • In the Score Editor, double-click to the left of a staff, select the Project tab, and in the Pages list, click Accidentals.


You must click Apply to apply your settings. If Apply closes Property Windows is activated in the Preferences dialog (Scores–Editing page), clicking Apply also closes the dialog.

The Accidentals page is divided into several sections:


Courtesy Acc Distance

Shows accidentals for notes outside the key signature.

Use the Bars value field to specify after how many bars you want courtesy accidentals to be displayed. 0 shows no courtesy accidentals.


Shows accidentals for all notes outside the key signature, and repeats accidentals even within the same bar.

Force all

Shows accidentals for every single note in the score.

Enharmonic shift for entire bar

Applies enharmonic shift to entire bars.

Use Chord Track for Accidentals

Uses the chord track to determine the accidentals in the score.

Outside the Scale

Interval buttons

Allow you to display the most common intervals as sharps or flats.