Score Settings – Staff Tab

The Staff tab shows the settings for the currently active staff.

To open the Score Settings dialog, do one of the following:

  • Open the Score Editor, and select Scores > Settings.

  • In the Score Editor, double-click to the left of a staff.


You must click Apply to apply your settings. If Apply closes Property Windows is activated in the Preferences dialog (Scores–Editing page), clicking Apply also closes the dialog.

The Staff tab is divided into several tabs:


Shows settings for the active staff.


Shows additional settings for the active staff.


Shows settings for polyphonic voices or split staves.


Shows settings for tablatures.

Common Settings for All Tabs


Select a track to show its settings in the right section of the dialog.


Apply a staff preset by selecting it from the pop-up menu.

The program comes with a number of staff presets, set up to suit various instruments.

Store allows you to save the current settings as a preset.

Remove allows you to remove the selected preset.