Options for AudioWarp Quantizing Multiple Audio Tracks

The Warp Marker Creation Rules section becomes available when you activate AudioWarp quantizing for multiple audio tracks.

In this column, you can define a priority for each track. The track with the highest priority defines where the warp markers are created.

If you set up the same priority for several tracks, the warp marker position is defined by the track that contains the first hitpoint within the specified range. This is performed for each individual warp marker position.

  • To specify a priority, click and drag to the right or to the left.

    If no star is shown, the hitpoints on the corresponding track are not taken into account.


Two hitpoints on different tracks are considered to mark the same beat if they are located within a certain distance from each other. The Range parameter specifies this distance. The following rules apply:

  • If one of the tracks has a higher priority, its hitpoint is used to create the warp marker.

  • If the tracks have the same priority, the first hitpoint in the range is used.


Undoes the creation of warp markers.

AudioWarp Quantize On/Off

Activates/Deactivates AudioWarp quantizing. This enables the Slice Rules section.


Creates warp markers for all the tracks.