AudioWarp Quantizing Multiple Audio Tracks

You can use warp markers for quantizing multiple audio tracks. However, AudioWarp quantizing does not maintain phase coherence.


  1. In the global track controls area of the track list, click Add Track .
  2. Click Folder.
  3. Click Add Track.
  4. Move all audio tracks that you want to quantize into the folder track.

    The audio on all tracks must have the same start and end positions.

  5. Select the folder track, and activate Group Editing in the track list.
  6. In the event display, select one of the events.

    All audio events in the folder track are selected.

  7. On the Project window toolbar, activate AudioWarp Quantize On/Off.
  8. Click Open Quantize Panel to open the Quantize Panel.
  9. Make your changes in the Warp Marker Creation Rules section of the Quantize Panel, and click Create.
  10. Make your changes in the Quantize Settings section of the Quantize Panel, and click Quantize.


AudioWarp quantizing is applied to all tracks in the edit group.