Instrument Track Inspector

The Inspector for instrument tracks contains controls and parameters that allow you to control your instrument track. It shows some of the sections from VST instrument channels and MIDI tracks.

The top section of the instrument track Inspector contains the following basic track settings:

Track name

Click once to show/hide the basic track settings section. Double-click to rename the track.

Colorize Selected Track

Allows you to colorize the selected track.

Edit Channel Settings

Opens the Channel Settings window for the track.


Mutes the track.


Solos the track.

Read Automation

Allows you to read track automation.

Write Automation

Allows you to write track automation.

Open Device Panels

Allows you to open the instrument panel.

Input Transformer

Opens a pop-up menu that allows you to transform incoming MIDI events in real time.

Record Enable

Activates the track for recording.


Routes incoming MIDI to the selected MIDI output. For this to work, activate MIDI Thru Active in the Preferences dialog (MIDI page).

Toggle Time Base

Switches between musical (tempo-related) and linear (time-related) time base for the track.


Disables all editing of all events on the track.

Freeze Instrument Channel

Allows you to freeze the instrument.


Allows you to adjust the level of the track.


Allows you to adjust the panning of the track.


Allows you to adjust the playback timing of the track.

Show Lanes

Divides the tracks in lanes.

Load/Save/Reload Track Preset

Loads or saves a track preset or reverts the default presets.

Input Routing

Allows you to specify the input bus for the track.

Activate Outputs

This control is only available if the instrument provides more than one output. It allows you to activate one or more outputs for the instrument.

Edit Instrument

Allows you to open the instrument panel.


Allows you to select a program.

Drum Maps

Allows you to select a drum map for the track.