MIDI Record Modes

By selecting a MIDI Record Mode you decide what happens to any existing parts on the track where you are recording. MIDI tracks can play back all events in overlapping parts. If you record several parts in the same locations or move parts so that they overlap, you will hear the events in all parts.


If you activate Record in Editor to record MIDI data in the editor, all new recordings are merged into the active part, and the MIDI Record Modes do not apply.

  • To access the record modes, select Transport > MIDI Record Mode.

    You can also access the MIDI Record Modes by clicking to the right of the MIDI symbol in the MIDI Recording Modes section on the Transport panel.

MIDI Record Mode

New Parts

Existing parts that are overlapped by a new recording are kept. The new recording is saved as a new part.


Existing events in parts that are overlapped by a new recording are kept. The newly recorded events are added to the existing part.


Existing events in parts that are overlapped by a new recording are replaced.

MIDI Cycle Record Mode

When you record MIDI in cycle mode, the result not only depends on the MIDI record mode, but also on the cycle record mode that is selected in the Cycled MIDI Recording Only section.


For each completed lap, everything you record is added to what was previously recorded. This is useful for building up rhythm patterns. Record a hi-hat part on the first lap, the bass drum part on the second lap, etc.


As soon as you play a MIDI note or send any MIDI message, all MIDI that you have recorded on previous laps is overwritten from that point. Make sure that you stop playing before the next lap begins. Otherwise, you will overwrite the entire take.

Keep Last

Each completed lap replaces the previously recorded lap. If you deactivate recording or press Stop before the cursor reaches the right locator, the previous take will be kept. If you do not play or input any MIDI during a lap, nothing happens, and the previous take will be kept.


Each recorded cycle lap is turned into a separate MIDI part, and the track is divided into lanes, one for each cycle lap. The parts are stacked above each other, each on a different lane. All takes but the last one are muted.

Mix-Stacked (No Mute)

Same as Stacked, but parts are not muted.