Reset Function

The Reset function sends out note-off messages and resets controllers on all MIDI channels. This is sometimes necessary if you experience hanging notes, constant vibrato, etc. when punching in and out on MIDI recordings with pitchbend or controller data.

  • To perform a MIDI reset manually, select MIDI > Reset.

  • If you want Cubase to perform a MIDI reset on stop, activate Reset on Stop in the Preferences dialog (MIDI page).

  • If you want Cubase to insert a reset event at the end of a recorded part, activate Insert Reset Events after Record in the Preferences dialog (MIDI page).

    This resets controller data such as sustain, aftertouch, pitchbend, modulation, and breath control. This is useful if a MIDI part is recorded and the sustain pedal is still held after stopping recording. Usually, this would cause all following parts to be played with sustain, as the pedal off command was not recorded.