Key Editor Inspector

In a MIDI editor, the Inspector is located left of the note display. The Key Editor Inspector contains tools and functions for working with MIDI data.

Global Tracks

Allows you to show/hide global tracks in the Key Editor. This allows for a better overview of the project context that you are working on.

Expression Map

Allows you to load an expression map. Expression maps are useful for working with articulations.

Note Expression

Contains functions and settings related to Note Expression.

Chord Editing

Allows you to enter chords instead of single notes.


Allows you to access the main quantize parameters. These are identical with the functions on the Quantize panel.


Allows you to access the main parameters for transposing MIDI events.


Contains length-related options, similar to the Functions submenu of the MIDI menu.

  • To change the length of the selected MIDI events or all events of the active part if no events are selected, use the Scale Length/Scale Legato slider.

    At the maximum value the notes reach the beginning of the next note.

  • To make the new length settings permanent, click Freeze MIDI Lengths.

  • To fine-tune the distance between consecutive notes, use the Overlap slider.

    At 0 Ticks, the Scale Length/Scale Legato slider extends each note so that it reaches the next note exactly. Positive values cause the notes to overlap and negative values allow you to define a small gap between the notes.

  • To use the Legato function or slider to extend a note until the next selected note, activate Extend to Next Selected.

    This is identical with activating the Legato Mode: Between Selected Notes Only option in the Preferences dialog.

Scale Assistant

Allows you to select a musical scale that highlights all note events whose pitches belong to this scale.

Set up Inspector

Allows you to open a dialog to edit the Inspector settings for the editor. Click Set up Inspector, and from the pop-up menu, select Setup.


If you open the Key Editor in the lower zone, these sections are shown in the Editor Inspector in the left zone.