Track Pictures Browser

The Track Pictures Browser allows you to set up and select pictures that can be shown in the track list and in the MixConsole. Track pictures are useful to recognize tracks and channels easily. You can select pictures from the factory content or add new ones to the user library.

  • To open the Track Pictures Browser for a track, double-click in the lower left side of the track list.


Shows the factory content in the pictures browser.

Pictures browser

Shows the pictures that you can assign to the selected track/channel.


Shows your user content in the pictures browser.


Opens a file dialog that allows you to select pictures in bmp, jpeg, or png format and add them to the user library.

Remove Selected Pictures from User Library

Removes the selected pictures from the user library.

Reset Current Picture

Removes the picture from the selected track/channel.

Show Preview/Hide Preview

Opens/Closes a section with further color and zoom settings.

Track Picture Preview

Shows the current track picture. When you zoom in the picture, you can drag it with the mouse to change its visible part.

Track Color

Opens the Color Picker that allows you to select a track color.


Allows you to apply the track color to the track picture and set the color intensity.


Allows you to change the size of the track picture.


Allows you to rotate the track picture.