Track Presets

Track presets are templates that can be applied to newly created or existing tracks of the same type.

You can create them from virtually all track types (audio, MIDI, instrument, sampler, group, FX, VST instrument return, input, and output channels). They contain sound and channel settings, and allow you to quickly browse, preview, select, and change sounds, or reuse channel settings across projects.

Track presets are organized in the MediaBay. There, you can categorize them with attributes.

When you apply a track preset, all the settings that are saved in the preset are applied.

Track presets can only be applied to tracks of their own type. The only exception are instrument tracks: for these, VST presets are also available.

  • Once a track preset is applied, you cannot undo the changes. It is not possible to remove an applied preset from a track and return to the previous state. If you are not satisfied with the track settings, you have to either edit the settings manually or apply another preset.

  • Applying VST presets to instrument tracks leads to removal of modifiers, MIDI inserts, inserts, or EQs. These settings are not stored in VST presets.