Using Pre-Roll and Post-Roll

You can set up a pre-roll and a post-roll value for recording.



  1. Set the locators to where you want to start and end recording.
  2. On the Transport panel or in the Transport Bar, activate Punch In and Punch Out.
  3. In the Preferences dialog, select Record.
  4. Activate Stop after Automatic Punch Out.
  5. Right-click anywhere on the Transport panel or in the Transport Bar and activate Pre-roll & Post-roll.
  6. In the Pre-roll & Post-roll section, activate Pre-roll and Post-roll .
  7. In the Pre-roll Amount and Post-roll Amount fields, enter the pre-roll and post-roll values.
  8. Activate Record.


The project cursor rolls back by the specified pre-roll value, and playback starts. When the cursor reaches the left locator, recording is automatically activated. When the cursor reaches the right locator, recording is deactivated, but playback continues for the specified post-roll value before stopping.