Setting the Project Cursor

You can set the project cursor to the position where you click, or to markers or other predefined positions.


  • Do one of the following:
    • Hold down Shift-Alt/Opt, and click in the Project window event display.

    • Click Go to Previous Marker/Zero or Go to Next Marker/Project End.

      These are available in the Transport Controls section of the Project window toolbar, the editor toolbars, the Transport panel, and the Transport Bar.

    • Click in the lower part of the ruler.

    • Select Transport > Set Project Cursor Position, and select an entry in the submenu.

    • Use a key command.


      You can assign key commands for setting the project cursor location in the Transport category of the Key Commands dialog. In addition to the default key commands, you can set up further commands, for example, for moving the project cursor forward or backward in fixed intervals.