Left and Right Locators

The left and right locators are a pair of markers that you can use as reference positions in the Project window and in the editors.

Locators help you, for example, to do the following:

  • Positioning the project cursor.

  • Defining start and stop positions for recording.

  • Defining start positions for importing or exporting events.

  • Setting up a cycle range.

  • Selecting, copying, creating or splitting events.

Locators are indicated by the flags in the ruler.

The area between the left and the right locator is the locator range. The locator range is highlighted in the ruler and in the event display.


In the event display of the MIDI editors, the locator range is only highlighted if Show Part Borders is deactivated.

  • To activate/deactivate cycle mode, click the locator range in the upper part of the ruler or activate Activate Cycle in the transport controls.

  • Note

    If you activate cycle mode and the right locator is positioned before the left locator, the locator range is skipped during playback.