Output Section

This section contains output settings, such as the output level, a bypass function for the internal global limiter, and sample export controls and settings.

Output Level Settings

Level meter

The level meter shows the current level. The most recent peak value is displayed in the value field on the right. To reset the peak value, click the field.

Main Level

The Main Level dial allows you to set the main output level of the plug-in.

Bypass Limiter

Backbone features an integrated limiter that prevents the output level of the plug-in to exceed 0 dB. Click Bypass Limiter to deactivate the integrated limiter, for example, to use a limiter in your host application.

Export Section

The export controls allow you to export the sound of Backbone as a sample.


Allows you to specify a name and location and to export the current sample.

Export Settings

Opens a pane where you can make additional export settings, specify a folder for the exported files, and export the current sample.

Drag icon

Drag Sample to Export allows you to export a sample by dragging it onto a track in your DAW, a folder in your system, or another layer within Backbone. The exported file gets the name of the program, followed by a number that increments with each export. The folder in which the file is saved and the way the sample is rendered depend on the settings in the Export Settings pane.