New Features

The following list informs you about the most important improvements in Backbone and provides links to the corresponding descriptions.

New Features in Version 1.5.0

  • Backbone 1.5 now comes with DrumGAN, an innovative drum generator developed by Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Inc. (Sony CSL). Powered by artificial intelligence, it creates new kick drum, snare drum, and cymbal samples in a very fast, intuitive way. It can also analyze samples, replicate them and create countless variations. DrumGAN is the perfect addition to Backbone for crafting new drum sounds entirely from scratch, while staying in your favorite sample editing environment. See DrumGAN Drum Resynthesis.

New Features in Version 1.1.0

Export Settings
  • You can now use the last triggered note and velocity as a reference for the export. See Export Settings.

Normalize Sample Parameters
  • With version 1.1.0 of Backbone, Normalize Sample and Normalize Level were moved from the Sample page toolbar to the parameter section. In addition, a Gain Offset parameter was introduced. See Parameters.

Sample Range
Loop Range
Single Layer Export