Layers Section

The Layers section on the left contains eight slots into which you can load samples or layer presets.

Reset Mute

Unmutes all muted layers.

Reset Solo

Unsolos all soloed layers.

Mute Layer

Mutes the layer.

Solo Layer

Solos the layer.

Layer Name

Shows the name of the layer.

To change the name, double-click it and enter a new name.

An icon to the left of the name indicates whether Resynth is activated for the layer and which Resynth Mode is active.

  • Resynth not activated:

  • Resynth activated, Tonal mode:

  • Resynth activated, Noise mode:

Open Menu

Hover with the mouse over the name field until the Open Menu button appears. Click Open Menu to open a pop-up menu that allows you to load, save, or delete a layer.