Elevation Patterns for 3D Mixing

You can use elevation patterns to let the height parameter automatically follow a predefined curve while positioning a sound in the 2D pan area. The active pattern is shown in the Rear View pan area.

  • To activate/deactivate an elevation pattern, click one of the Elevation Pattern buttons.


If an elevation pattern is active, Bottom-Top Pan cannot be adjusted manually.

The following elevation patterns are available:

Wedge, Ceiling, Sphere

These patterns correspond to the elevation modes that are defined by Dolby for Dolby Atmos authoring.

Cup, Tunnel, Half-Pipe

These patterns make use of the bottom of the 3D room.


This might not have the expected effect in a small room speaker setup with close distance between side and top speakers.


This pattern is similar to Wedge but more suitable for 9.1 bed-only mixes without an additional object mix.

Automation Rules for Elevation Patterns

  • An active elevation pattern overrides any automation for Bottom-Top Pan, however, the automation remains intact.

  • If elevation is deactivated, Bottom-Top Pan is set to bottom, even if automation for bottom-top panning is present. Elevation On/Off can also be automated.