Filters Bar

The filters bar allows you to hide events from view, based on their type and other properties.

To show or hide the status line, click Set up Window Layout on the toolbar, and activate or deactivate Filters.

Show Section

The Show section allows you to set up filters.

No Focus

No filter is applied.

Event Types

Only events of the same event type as the selected type will be shown. This is the same as activating event types in the Hide section.

Event Types and Data 1

Only events of the same event type as the selected type and with the same Data 1 value are shown. For example, if a note event is selected, only notes with the same pitch are shown. If a controller event is selected, only controllers of the same type are shown.

Event Channels

Only events with the same MIDI channel value as the selected event are shown.


Allows you to use a preset.


Opens the Logical Editor. Here you can create complex filter settings.

When you apply any of the Logical Editor presets or use the Logical Editor to create filter settings yourself, only the events that meet the specified criteria are visible.

Hide Section

The Hide section allows you to hide specific event types from view.