Event List

The Event List lists all events in the selected MIDI parts, in the order in which they are played back from top to bottom. The list allows you to perform detailed numerical editing of the event properties.

The following options are available:


An arrow in this column indicates the event that starts closest before the project cursor position. You can use this column for auditioning when you are editing in the list.

  • To move the cursor to the start of the event, click in the auditioning column of an event.

  • To move the cursor position and start/stop playback, double-click in the column for an event.


Event type. Cannot be changed.


Starting position of the event, displayed in the format selected for the ruler. Changing it has the same effect as moving the event.


If you move the event past any other event in the list, the list is resorted. The list always shows the events in the order in which they are played back.


Allows you to view and edit the end position of a note event. Editing resizes the note event.


Displays the length of the note event. Changing this resizes the note event and automatically changes the End value.

Data 1

Data 1 or Value 1 property of the event. Its content depends on the event type. For notes, this is the pitch, for example. Where applicable, the values are displayed in the most relevant form. For example, the Data 1 value for notes is displayed as a note number in the format that was selected in the Preferences dialog.

Data 2

Data 2 or Value 2 property of the event. The content of this depends on the event type. For notes, this is the note-on velocity value, for example.

Data 3

The Data 3 or Value 3 property of the event. This value is only used for note events, where it corresponds with the note-off velocity.


MIDI channel of the event. This setting is normally overridden by the channel setting for the track. To make a MIDI event play back on its own channel, set its track to the Any channel in the Project window.


Allows you to add comments to some event types.