Text formatting

Dorico Pro combines different settings for the appearance of text, meaning that you can format fonts and texts in different places depending on their function.

  • Font styles are used in notations that use text but are not generic text, such as tempo marks and dynamics.

  • Paragraph styles apply to individual paragraphs in text frames or all text within a single text item. They are also used for text that appears in the music but is not a notation, such as bar numbers and staff labels. You can use paragraph styles to keep the presentation of different types of text consistent across your project.

  • Character styles apply to individual letters or words, meaning you can apply different character styles to each word within the same text frame.

For example, you can change the font family used for all text notations in your project in the Edit Font Styles dialog and all other text in the Paragraph Styles dialog, where you can also make specific changes for when that font is used for titles.

If you open a project that contains fonts not installed on your computer, the Missing Fonts dialog opens and allows you to select replacement fonts as substitutes.