Key commands

Key commands are sets of keys that perform defined tasks when pressed together. They are also known as “keyboard shortcuts” or “hotkeys”. Many key commands are the same on different operating systems but some are not, and this guide distinguishes them.

When key commands use equivalent modifier keys depending on the operating system, the modifier keys are indicated separated by a slash, with the Windows modifier key first and the macOS modifier key second.


Ctrl/Cmd-Alt/Opt-Down Arrow means: press Ctrl-Alt-Down Arrow on Windows, Cmd-Opt-Down Arrow on macOS.

When key commands require entirely different keys depending on the operating system, they are indicated with the Windows key command first, followed by the macOS key command.


# (Windows) or \ (macOS) means: press # on Windows, \ on macOS.

In this documentation, we use key commands that match the language of the documentation. For example, key commands in the English documentation correspond to the English keyboard language.