Graphic slices

Graphic slices allow you to export portions of pages as graphics files; for example, to save small musical extracts for use in performance instructions. They exist as fixed frames on specific pages, and function in a similar way to frames.

  • You can view, input, and edit graphic slices when Graphic Slices is selected in the Engrave toolbox.

Once created, graphic slices remain on the page on which they were created. This makes it easy to re-export an extract if, for example, you change the music inside the graphic slice.

You can export graphic slices as the following graphics file formats:

  • .pdf

  • .png

  • .svg

  • .tiff

Figure 1. A passage with multiple graphic slices positioned around specific notes and gestures to be included in performance instructions
  • Graphic slices are only shown on pages when Graphic Slices is selected in the Engrave toolbox.

  • Graphic slices are layout-specific and fixed to pages rather than to music. They may appear with different sizes/shapes if you change the page size, orientation, or margins in the layout.

Video tutorial about graphic slices (English)