Moving the caret manually

During normal note input, the caret moves automatically as you input notes, but you can also move it manually. For example, the caret does not move automatically when Chords is activated.


  • In Write mode, move the caret in any of the following ways:
    • To move the caret according to the current rhythmic grid resolution or to the next/previous note/rest, whichever is closest, press Right Arrow/Left Arrow.

    • To advance the caret according to the note value currently selected, press Space or click Advance Caret in the Keyboard, Fretboard, or Drum Pads panel toolbar.

    • To move the caret to the next/previous bar, press Ctrl/Cmd-Right Arrow/Ctrl/Cmd-Left Arrow.

    • To move the caret to the staff above/below, press Up Arrow/Down Arrow.

    • To move the caret to the top/bottom staff in the system, press Ctrl/Cmd-Up Arrow/Ctrl/Cmd-Down Arrow.