Copying and pasting notes/items to fill a selected range

You can copy and paste items, including notes and notations, multiple times within a selected range at once; for example, if you want to fill multiple bars with the same phrase.


You can only copy and paste items that have a duration to fill a selection. For example, you can copy and paste gradual dynamics to fill a selection but not immediate dynamics.


  1. In Write mode, select the notes/items you want to copy throughout a range.

    To select multiple items of the same type, you can use large selections and/or filters.

  2. Press Ctrl/Cmd-C to copy the selected notes/items.
  3. Select the range throughout which you want to paste the selected notes/items.
  4. Press Ctrl/Cmd-V to paste the selected notes/items.


The selected notes/items are copied as many times as will fit within the selected range without extending beyond it. By default, any MIDI CC points in the copied range are also pasted.

If you copied dynamics or slurs to other staves at the same rhythmic position, they are automatically linked by default.


If you selected a range on multiple staves, the selected items are also pasted to multiple staves.