Specifying ranges of pages/flows

By default, Dorico Pro prints/exports all pages in the selected layouts. You can specify ranges of either pages or flows for each layout independently.


You can only print booklets using the complete range of pages. You cannot specify page or flow ranges.


  1. In the Layouts panel, select the layouts for which you want to specify ranges of pages/flows.
  2. In the Print Options panel, in the Job Type section, choose one of the following options for Print range:
    • To specify ranges of pages, choose Pages.

    • To specify ranges of flows, choose Flows.

  3. If you chose Pages, enter the pages you want into the value field.
    • Note
  4. If you chose Flows, click Choose to open the Print Flows dialog. Select the flows you want to print/export, then click OK.


The pages set to be printed/exported from the selected layouts are changed. Ranges of flows include all pages on which those flows appear, in full or in part.