Mixer panel

The Mixer panel allows you to control the volume and panning of channels in playback. It is located in the lower zone at the bottom of the window in Write, Engrave, and Play modes.

When additional channels are available beyond those currently in view, channels at the right/left edges of the Mixer appear faded.

  • You can show the Mixer panel by showing the lower zone, then clicking Mixer in the lower zone toolbar.

Mixer panel for a mixed ensemble

The Mixer panel toolbar contains the following options:

Channel type buttons

Allow you to hide/show channels according to their type, and in any combination.

Deactivate all

Allows you to deactivate all mute and solo states by clicking the corresponding button. Indicates whether any channels have an active mute or solo state.

Resize Lower Zone
Resize Lower Zone button

Allows you to change the height of the lower zone.