Changing the playing techniques of unpitched percussion notes

You can change the playing techniques of notes belonging to unpitched percussion instruments after they have been input, for example, to switch selected notes to the side stick technique and playing technique-specific notehead.


These steps only apply to changing playing technique-specific noteheads for unpitched percussion instruments.


The unpitched percussion instruments whose playing techniques you want to change have at least two playing technique-specific noteheads defined in the Percussion Instrument Playing Techniques dialog.


  1. In Write mode, select the notes whose playing technique-specific notehead you want to change.

    If you select a single note in percussion kits, the current playing technique is shown above the rhythmic grid. It is not shown if you select multiple notes.

  2. Cycle through the available playing techniques for the selected unpitched percussion instruments in any of the following ways:
    • Press Shift-Alt/Opt-Up Arrow to cycle upwards.

    • Press Shift-Alt/Opt-Down Arrow to cycle downwards.


The playing techniques of the selected unpitched percussion notes are changed. Their notehead design and/or staff position might be changed.