Changing the staff-relative placement of lyric lines

You can change the staff-relative placement of whole lyric lines after they have been input.


  1. In Write mode, select a lyric in each line whose staff-relative placement you want to change.

    You can also make a selection and use the lyric filters to select different lyric lines according to their line numbers and staff-relative placement.

  2. Select the staff-relative placement you want in one of the following ways:
    • Choose Edit > Lyrics > Placement > Above.

    • Choose Edit > Lyrics > Placement > Below.


    You can also choose these options from the context menu.


The staff-relative placement of the whole lyric lines in which you selected lyrics is changed.


If other lyric lines with the same lyric line number exist at the same position on the side of the staff to which you want to change your current selection, the two lines switch sides. For example, if there is already a Line 2 above the staff at the position where you want to change the placement of Line 2 below the staff, then the existing Line 2 above the staff is placed below the staff to accommodate your most recent preference.