Deleting key signatures

You can delete key signatures without affecting the pitches of notes. Where appropriate, pitches are shown with accidentals after you have deleted a key signature.

  • You cannot hide key signatures as they provide crucial information about the pitch of notes. If you do not want to see a key signature, you can input an open key signature or delete all key signatures from the flow or project.

  • Instruments that do not usually have key signatures, such as timpani or horn, have a No key sig version in Dorico Pro which never show key signatures. You can select the appropriate instrument type from the instrument picker when adding or changing instruments.


  1. In Write mode, select the key signatures or signposts of key signatures you want to delete.
  2. Press Backspace or Delete.


The selected key signatures are deleted from the score. The pitches of notes in the bars following the deleted key signatures are not changed, but the notes are shown with accidentals if the deleted key signature indicated an accidental for them, up until the next existing key signature or the end of the flow.


If you delete the only key signature in the flow, your music appears without a key signature, with accidentals shown as necessary. This is treated as if there were an open key signature rather than a key signature of A minor or C major.