Changes to fermatas on single staves

Changing the type of fermata or caesura on one staff automatically changes the type on all staves at that rhythmic position, as a pause at one particular rhythmic position can only be of one duration.

However, if you override a particular fermata on one staff, for example, by changing it to a Britten curlew or a breath mark, changing the existing fermata on another staff does not change the marking on the overridden staff. Deleting the marking on the overridden staff reverts that marking to match the fermata on the other staves.

For example, changing a fermata to a breath mark changes the marking for only that staff. That note is not affected when the type of fermata on the other staves at that rhythmic position is changed.

Figure 1. The bottom staff is overridden to show a breath mark instead of a fermata.
Figure 2. The fermata is changed to a very short fermata, but the bottom staff is exempt as it was overridden to show a breath mark.
Figure 3. Deleting the breath mark from the bottom staff returns it to showing the fermata currently chosen for that rhythmic position.