Creating graphic slices

You can create graphic slices of any size and shape on pages in each layout independently, for example, around a few bars that you want to export as a PNG file. Graphic slices can extend into page margins, up to the edges of pages.


  • Graphic Slices is selected in the Engrave toolbox.

  • The left panel is shown.


  1. In the Graphic Slices panel, click Create Slice.
  2. Click and drag in the music area to create a graphic slice.

    You can draw a graphic slice of any size and shape, as long as it fits within the page.


When you release the mouse, a graphic slice is created on the page. It is automatically named Slice [n] according to how many graphic slices with default names already exist, such as Slice 2 for the second slice.

The new slice is added to the graphic slices table in the Graphic Slices panel, ordered by page number.

After Completing This Task

  • You can move the graphic slice around the page or change its size/shape.

  • You can export all or selected graphic slices as graphics files.