The toolbar allows you to access the modes and workspace options as well as the Mixer and main transport options. It is located at the top of the project window and is available in all modes.

  • You can hide/show the toolbar by clicking the disclosure arrow above the toolbar or by pressing Ctrl/Cmd-6.

The toolbar contains the following items:

  1. Modes

    Selectable workspaces in the project window that represent different phases in the workflow of preparing a score. If the width of the main project window becomes sufficiently small, the mode buttons become a menu.

  2. Workspace options

    Provide options that allow you to select different layouts to open in the music area and to change the working environment.

  3. Show Video

    Hides/Shows the Video window.

  4. Show Mixer

    Hides/Shows the Mixer window.

  5. Mini transport

    Allow to you quick access to the main transport functions, including Play, Record, and Click.

  6. Activate Project

    Shows which project is activated for playback when you have multiple projects open.