Mini transport

The mini transport on the right of the toolbar provides quick access to the main transport functions of Dorico Pro.

Show Transport Bar

Hides/Shows the Transport window, which contains playback and MIDI recording functions.

Time display

Shows the position of the playhead in one of the following formats:

  • Bars, beats, and ticks

  • Elapsed time in the following order of units: hours, minutes, seconds, milliseconds

  • Timecode in the following order of units: hours, minutes, seconds, frames

Figure 1. Time display showing bars and beats
Figure 2. Time display showing elapsed time
Figure 3. Time display showing the timecode

You can change the content shown in the time display by clicking it.

Fixed Tempo Mode

Displays the tempo used for both playback and recording. The value changes according to the current position of the playhead and its appearance changes according to its current mode.

You can change the tempo mode by clicking the beat unit. You can change the metronome mark value used in fixed tempo mode by clicking and dragging upwards/downwards on the number.

Figure 4. How Fixed Tempo Mode appears when fixed tempo mode is active
Figure 5. How Fixed Tempo Mode appears when follow tempo is active
Rewind to Beginning of Flow

Moves the playhead back to the beginning of the flow.


Starts/Stops playback from the previous playhead position.

Figure 6. Play when playback is stopped
Figure 7. Play during playback

Starts/Stops MIDI recording.


Plays/Mutes the metronome click during playback and recording.

Activate Project

Shows which project is activated for playback when you have multiple projects open.


The Transport window contains additional transport functions.