Master page sets

In Dorico, master pages are provided as parts of master page sets. Master page sets group master page formats together, so there is a master page for all possible situations in your project.

The default master page sets contain predefined master pages for first page pairs (First) and subsequent page pairs (Default). This ensures there is a master page format for the first page in each flow, whether that is on a right page or a left page, and a master page format for subsequent pages in each flow on both right and left pages.

For every new project, the following default master page sets are available:

  • Default Full Score is the default master page set used for full score layouts.

  • Default Part is the default master page set used for part layouts.

You do not need to create or customize master page sets initially, as the default sets are applied automatically when you create your score. If you find that you want or need to change the sets, you can do so in any of the following ways:

  • Create new custom master page sets based on the default sets.

  • Change the default sets according to your requirements for the current project.