Making settings


  1. Open the Score Settings and select the Staff page.
  2. With the dialog open, make the desired staff active.

    Click anywhere in a staff to make it active, or use the Up Arrow and Down Arrow keys to step from staff to staff.

  3. Select the desired tab and make all necessary settings.

    The settings for regular staves are found on the Main and Options tab, the Polyphonic tab contains settings for split systems and polyphonic voices while the Tablature tab lets you set up tablature scores.

  4. When you have made the desired settings, click Apply.

    If the “Apply closes Property Windows” option is activated in the Preferences dialog (Scores–Editing page), clicking Apply also closes the dialog.

    To make settings for another staff, simply make it active in the score (by clicking anywhere in the staff or by using the Up Arrow/Down Arrow keys).

    However, please note that you need to click Apply before making another staff active – otherwise your settings are lost!


    Staff settings can be saved in the track presets.