Matching Audio to the Project Tempo

You can use Musical Mode to adjust audio loops to the project tempo. Loops are short audio files that have a defined number of bars.


  1. Select File > Import > Audio File, and select an audio loop in the file dialog.
  2. In the Project window, double-click the imported audio loop to open it in the Sample Editor.
  3. Open the Definition section, and verify the rulers.

    The project tempo grid shown in the upper ruler and the grid of your audio shown in the lower ruler do not match.

  4. In the Definition section, verify that the length in bars corresponds to the length of the imported audio file. If necessary, listen to your audio, and enter the correct length in bars and beats.
  5. In the AudioWarp section, select a preset from the Warping Algorithm for Audio Clip pop-up menu.
  6. Listen to the loop. If necessary, correct the Bars and Beats values.
  7. Activate Musical Mode.


The loop is warped and stretched to the project tempo. The rulers reflect the change.

In the Project window, the audio event shows a note symbol and a warp symbol. This indicates that time stretching has been applied.