‘Edit Solo’/’Record in MIDI Editors’ Follow Focus

Suspends Record in Editor and Solo Editor in the MIDI editor if the Project window gets the focus.

Default Track Time Type

Allows you to select the default track time type for new tracks.

  • Musical

    Sets new tracks to musical time base.

  • Time Linear

    Sets new tracks to linear time base.

  • Follow Transport Main Display

    Sets new tracks to follow the primary time format: Bars+Beats format sets new tracks to musical time base. Seconds, Timecode, Samples, etc. sets new tracks to linear time base.

Display Warning before Deleting Non-Empty Tracks

Shows a warning if you delete tracks that are not empty.

Select Track on Background Click

Allows you to select a track by clicking in the event display background.

Auto Select Events under Cursor

Automatically selects all events in the Project window or in an editor that are under the project cursor.

Cycle Follows Range Selection

Sets the left locator to the range start position and the right locator to the range end position of a range selection.

Delete Overlaps

Deletes overlapped, that is, hidden, sections of overlapping events. Hold Shift while moving events to override this setting.

Parts Get Track Names

Automatically changes event names to the name of the track they are moved to.

Lock Event Attributes

Determines which properties are affected when you lock an event. You can use any combination of the following:

  • Position

    Locks the position so that the event cannot be moved.

  • Size

    Locks the size so that the event cannot be resized.

  • Other

    Locks all other editing of the event. This includes adjusting the fades and event volume, processing, etc.

Quick Zoom

Only redraws the contents of parts and events once you have stopped changing the zoom. This is useful if screen redraws are slow on your system.

Use Up/Down Navigation Commands for Selecting Tracks only

Uses the Up Arrow/Down Arrow keys for track selection, not for event/part selection.

Track Selection Follows Event Selection

Automatically selects the corresponding track if you select an event in the Project window.

Automation Follows Events

Lets automation events automatically follow when you move, duplicate, copy, or paste an event or part on the track. This facilitates setting up automation that is related to a specific event or part, instead of a specific position in the project.

Drag Delay

Allows you to set up a delay in ms that is used when you move events. This is useful to avoid accidentally moving events when you click on them in the Project window.