This page contains options related to playback, recording, and positioning.

Playback Toggle Triggers Local Preview

Allows you to use Space on your keyboard to start/stop local playback of the selected file in the Sample Editor or the Pool.

When the Sample Editor is not open or when there is no audio file selected in the Pool, Space still toggles the global project playback.

Show Timecode Subframes

Shows subframes for all frame-based display formats.

User-definable Frame Rate

Allows you to set the frame rate for the ruler display format User.

Return to Start Position on Stop

Automatically sets the project cursor to the position where recording or playback last started when you stop playback.

Stop Playback while Winding

Stops playback when you click Rewind or Fast Forward on the Transport panel.

Wind Speed Options

These options affect the fast forward/rewind speed.

  • Adjust to Zoom adapts the wind speed to the horizontal zoom factor.

    If you zoom in very close for detailed editing, you probably do not want to have a high fast forward/rewind speed. Because of this, the Speed Factor does not have any effect in this mode. The Fast Wind Factor still applies.

  • Fixed keeps a fixed wind speed regardless of the horizontal zoom factor.

  • Speed Factor allows you to set the wind speed. You can set a value between 2 and 50. The higher the value, the faster the wind speed will be.

    If Adjust to Zoom is activated, this has no effect.

  • Fast Wind Factor allows you to set the winding speed to a multiple for fast winding.

    If you press Shift while fast forwarding or rewinding, the wind speed will increase. The increase in speed is a multiple of the Speed Factor. Meaning that if you set the Fast Wind Factor to 2, the wind speed will be twice as fast. If you set it to 4, the wind speed will be 4 times as fast, etc. You can set a value between 2 and 50.

Cursor Width

Adjusts the width of the project cursor line.

Zoom while Locating in Time Scale

Allows you to zoom in or out by clicking in the ruler and dragging down or up.

Clicking Locator Range in Upper Part of the Ruler Activates Cycle

Allows you to activate/deactivate cycle mode when you click the locator range in the upper part of the ruler.

Locate when Clicked in Empty Space

Allows you to move the project cursor by clicking in an empty area of the Project window.