Channel Visibility Configurations Menu

The Channel Visibility Configurations button on the MixConsole toolbar allows you to create configurations that are useful for switching quickly between different visibility setups.

The button displays the name of the active configuration. A list of configurations is shown as soon as you create at least one configuration. To load a configuration, select it from the menu. Channel visibility configurations are saved with the project.

Add Configuration

Opens the Add Configuration dialog that allows you to save the configuration and to enter a name for it.

Update Configuration

If you change the active configuration, this is indicated by an asterisk after the configuration name. Use this function to save changes to the active configuration.

Rename Configuration

Opens the Rename Configuration dialog that allows you to rename the active configuration.

Delete Configuration

Allows you to delete the active configuration.

Move Configuration to Position

This function becomes available if 2 or more configurations exist. It allows you to change the position of the active configuration on the menu. This is useful, as you can assign key commands to the first 8 configurations in the Channel & Track Visibility category of the Key Commands dialog.