Fader Section

The fader section is the heart of the MixConsole. It shows input and output channels in conjunction with audio, instrument, MIDI, group, FX, and VCA fader channels.

If a channel is deactivated on the Visibility tab or if its channel type is deactivated, it is not shown in the fader section. The MixConsole in the lower zone of the Project window does not follow any visibility changes you perform in the MixConsole window and vice versa. It is linked to the track visibility of the Project window.

The fader section allows you to do the following:

  • Edit link group settings

  • Set panorama

  • Activate mute and solo

  • Enable listen mode

  • Open channel settings

  • Set volume

  • Enable automation

  • Set input levels


All fader section functions and settings are also available in the MixConsole in the lower zone of the Project window.