Defining Naming Schemes

You can define a naming scheme by combining attributes that determine the structure of the file names for the exported audio files.

Depending on the settings in the Channel Selection section and the Export Range section, different naming attributes are available.


  1. In the Naming Scheme dialog, drag up to 5 attributes into the Result section.

    You can also double-click an attribute to add it to the Result section.

  2. Optional: In the Settings section, double-click the Separator text field to change the separator.

    The Preview section displays the file name scheme according to your settings.

  3. Optional: Set the Counter and the number of Digits.

    These options are only available if you added the Counter attribute.

    The counter starts counting from this value. The Digits setting determines how many digits the counters contain.

  4. Optional: Click the Name value field in the Scheme section and enter a preset name. Press Return to save your settings as a preset.

    The preset is only available for the channels that are selected in the Channel Selection section.

  5. Click OK.