Mixing Down to Audio Files Using Job Queues

You can mix down multiple audio files by creating a job queue. This allows you to export stems or cues, for example, even in different file formats. You can create up to 20 export jobs and add them to the job queue. Job queues are saved with the project.


  1. Select File > Export > Audio Mixdown.
  2. In the Channel Selection section, do one of the following:
    • Click Single to export a single audio channel.

    • Click Multiple to export multiple audio channels.

  3. In the channels list, select the channels that you want to export.
  4. In the Export Range section, do one of the following:
    • Click Locators to export the locator range.


      The locator range must not be empty or inverted.

    • Click Cycle Markers, and in the cycle markers list, activate the cycle markers to export the corresponding ranges.


      Your project must contain at least one cycle marker.

  5. Optional: Open the Effects pop-up menu and select an option.

    This is only available if you selected Multiple in the Channel Selection section. You can export your audio with effects, channel settings, panner, and master bus settings, for example.

  6. In the File Location section, set up a valid export path.
  7. Click Set up Naming Scheme and define a naming scheme for the exported files in the Naming Scheme dialog.
  8. Open the Export Queue section, and click Add to Queue.
    • Cubase automatically validates your settings. If the job is not valid, for example, if the locator range is empty or no cycle marker is selected, the job cannot be added, and a warning message is shown. The same is true, if the naming scheme settings would not lead to unique file names.

  9. Optional: Repeat the above steps for as many jobs as you need.
  10. Optional: In the job queue list, select the individual jobs to verify one after another if everything is set up correctly.

    When you select a job in the job queue list, all settings for that job are shown in the Export Audio Mixdown dialog. If necessary, you can change the settings for the selected job, and click Update Job.

  11. Click Start Queue Export.

    You can cancel the complete queue export by clicking Cancel. This stops the export process and removes already exported files from your hard disk. The job queue list is kept.


The jobs of your export queue are exported one after another. A progress bar informs you about the estimated remaining export time, the currently exported channel, the channel names, and the number of remaining jobs.