VST - Control Room

This page contains settings for the Control Room.

Show Control Room Volume in Transport Panel

If the Control Room is enabled, the Control Room volume is shown on the Transport panel.

Auto Disable Talkback Mode

Determines if talkback is disabled during recording, during playback and recording, or not at all.


Set the Talkback DIM level to 0 dB so as not to radically change the mix level when punching in and out of record mode.

Use Phones Channel as Preview Channel

Uses the phones channel for monitoring.

Dim Cue during Talkback

Dims the cue mix heard in a studio by the amount set in the Talkback Dim level field in the Control Room for as long as the talkback channel is used.

Exclusive Device Ports for Monitor Channels

Makes the port assignment for monitor channels exclusive. If your scenario does not require you to assign ports to several monitor channels, it is recommended to activate this option. This way you can make sure that you do not accidentally assign ports to inputs/outputs and monitor channels at the same time.


This setting is saved with the Control Room presets.

Reference Level

Allows you to specify the reference level that can be assigned to the Control Room level. The reference level is the level that is used in calibrated mixing environments, such as film dubbing stages.


You can also manually adjust the reference level in the Control Room settings.

Main Dim Volume

Sets the amount of gain reduction applied to the Control Room channel when the DIM button is activated.