AAF Export Options Dialog

The AAF Export Options dialog allows you to activate tracks for export and to specify what data is included in the exported files.

  • To open the AAF Export Options dialog, select File > Export > AAF.


Allows you to select a track for export.

Track Name

Shows the track name.

Select All

Selects all tracks in the project for export.

From Left to Right Locator

Allows you to export the range between the locators only.

Media Destination Path

Allows you to specify a location for the exported files. You can also click Browse.


You can create references to media destinations that do not exist on the system you are working with. This allows you to prepare files for use in projects on another system or in a network environment, for example.

Copy Media

Allows you to create copies of all the media files. By default, the copied audio files are placed in a subdirectory in the export destination folder. To specify a different location for the copied files, use the Media Destination Path field.

Export Muted Events with Volume -inf dB

Sets muted events to a volume -inf dB on export.

Consolidate Events

Allows you to copy only the portions of audio files that are used in the project.

The Handle Length value allows you to define a length in milliseconds to include audio outside each event boundary for later fine-tuning. Handles allow you to adjust fades or edit points when the project is imported into another application.

Export Media File References

Exports only media file references. This keeps the exported file small. However, the referenced audio files must be available for the receiving application.

Export All to One File

Exports all data to one self-contained file. This could result in a large file size.

Export Sample Size

Allows you to set a sample size for the exported files.

Quantize Events to Frames

Moves the event positions in the exported file to exact frames. This is sometimes necessary when exporting projects to video workstations that limit the accuracy of edits to the frame.