Channel Racks Selector

You can activate and deactivate the different channel racks in the MixConsole.

  • To open the rack selector, click Select Rack Types on the MixConsole toolbar.

Depending on the channel type, you can activate/deactivate the following racks:


Allows you to control your audio hardware effects. This rack is only available if supported by your hardware.


Allows you to set up the input and output routing. For MIDI, you can also select the MIDI channel.

Pre (Filters/Gain/Phase)

For audio-related channels, it contains input filter and gain controls along with Phase and Gain controls. For MIDI channels, it contains an Input Transformer control.


Allows you to select insert effects for your channel.

Equalizers (audio-related channels only)

Allows you to set the channel EQ.

Channel Strip (audio-related channels only)

Allows you to integrate channel strip modules, such as Gate, Compressor, EQ, Transformer, Saturator, and Limiter that allow you to enhance your sound.


Allows you to select send effects for your channel.

Cue Sends (audio-related channels only) (Cubase Pro only)

Allows you to activate and control the level and pan for up to 4 cue sends.

Direct Routing (Cubase Pro only)

Allows you to set and activate outputs for all selected channels at once.

Track Quick Controls

Allows you to add quick controls for instant access.

Device Panels (Cubase Pro only)

Allows you to view the available device panels.