Importing Drum Maps from Virtual Instruments

You can import your drum map settings to an instrument track that is routed to Groove Agent SE.


To import your drum map settings to an instrument track, the track has to be routed to Groove Agent SE or another drum instrument that supports drum maps.


  1. Load a drum kit in Groove Agent SE.
  2. In the Inspector for the track, open the Drum Maps pop-up menu and select Create Drum Map from Instrument.

    The drum map is created for the kit that is assigned to the MIDI port and channel selected in the Inspector.

  3. Open the Drum Maps pop-up menu again and select Drum Map Setup.
  4. In the list on the left, select the kit that you have loaded in the instrument.


The sounds and settings of the instrument are displayed in the Drum Map Setup.


Instrument and pattern pads are both exported to the drum map. If they share keys, the pattern pads get priority, that is, their settings are included in the drum map.