Custom Impulse Responses

In addition to working with the impulse responses included with REVerence, you can import your own impulse responses and save them as programs or presets. WAVE and AIFF files with a mono, stereo, true-stereo, or multi-channel (up to 5.0) configuration are supported. If a multi-channel file contains an LFE channel, this channel is ignored.

REVerence uses the same channel width as the track it is inserted on. When importing impulse response files with more channels than the corresponding track, the plug-in only reads as many channels as needed. If the impulse response file contains fewer channels than the track, REVerence generates the missing channels (for example, the center channel as a sum of the left and right channels). If the rear channels are missing (when importing a stereo response file onto a 4.0 track, for example), the left and right channels are also used for the rear channels. In this case you can use the Rear offset parameter to create more spatiality.