Importing Impulse Responses


  1. In the program matrix, click Import.
  2. Navigate to the file that you want to import, and click Open.

    The file is loaded into REVerence. The channels from an interleaved file are imported in the same order as in other areas of the program (for example, the VST Connections window), see below.

  3. Make the appropriate settings and add a picture, if available.

    Pictures residing in the same folder as the impulse response file or in the parent folder are automatically found and displayed.

  4. Click the Store button to save the impulse response and its settings as a program. That way you can recall the setup at any time.


The program slot turns blue, indicating that a program is loaded.


When saving a program, the impulse response file itself is only referenced. It still resides in the same location as before and is not modified in any way.

After Completing This Task

Repeat these steps for any impulse response files that you want to work with.